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"Green Bunny", April 18 - June 7, 2008. Mixed media show featuring recycled and earth friendly materials. Artists include Rick McQuaid, Ryan Weiss, Jerome Ferretti, Terri Sarris, Dave Moroski, Carl Oxley III, Mrrranda Tarrow, Joan Painter Jones, Jeri Hollister, Rick Pruckler, Joey Merchant, Taryn Boyd, Davin Brainard, Michele Kramp, Greg Loselle, Heather Fagan, Faina Lerman, and more.

Artists reception 3rd Friday, April 18, 2008, 6:00-9:00 PM. Block party with our neighbors at Biddle Avenue Florists and Downriver Stoneworks. Take a piece of the earth with you by purchasing a handmade tumbler by Peter Guerrier for 10.00 and fill it with beer from Motor City Brewery (no plastic cups will be provided). Hot dogs prepared on Downriver Stone Designs beautiful outdoor kitchen grill, and Sushi from the boys at Biddle Avenue Florist.

The idea came because of our conscience effort to recycle and reuse. Our goal is to reduce our environmental foot print. We started having an event called "Craft Uprising" back in January. Many of the artists who participated made things from recycled items. I was amazed at their ingenuity.

Here are a few examples:

Miranda (aka Mrrranda) L. Tarrow has exhibited her paintings, mixed media constructions, and photographs in New York City, Portland (Oregon), and southeast Michigan. She currently splits her free time between Michigan and NYC's East Village, coaxing dodgy wee beasties from creepy antique shops, milkweed-choked marshes, and other people's trash. Much of her work pairs dark humor with themes of unrequited love, ambiguous intentions, entropy and decay, contrasting organic ephemera and imagery with mass-produced trinkets and toys.

Juxtaposing delicate and even perishable objects found in nature with pre-loved toys, antique hardware, and consumer debris - often looking worse for wear than their organic companions - Tarrow's assemblages are subtler and more complex in structure and meaning. By constructing habitats of safety and intimacy with such fragile and Michelle Pappas creates felted handbags and bags using recycled sweaters.

Taryn Boyd of TalkingSquid creates handmade rugs from old t-shirts.

Joey Merchant creates plush bunnies from recycled fabrics. Joey also uses broken tiles and pottery to create mirrors, tables, and birthbaths.

Birch bark jewelry by Heather Fagan of BirdsGather. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces made from bark she collects off the ground that naturally peeled off birch bark trees.

Michelle Kramp creates one of a kind handbag from sentimental and recycled textiles.

Ryan Weiss paints environmentally conscience themes on found materials.

Greg Loselle and Terri Sarris's mixed media box assemblage collages are made with found objects.

Dave Moroski creates large paper mache scuptures from recycled Metro Times.

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